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Retreats & Workshops

Tap into the wisdom and knowledge of Jennie LaVaque by participating in one of her exclusive workshops or retreats!

Tarot for Soul Healing Workshop
*Facilitated by Jennie LaVaque* 

2-Day Shamanic Integration Retreat for Learning Tarot


Tarot for Soul Healing Two Day Event:
August 3-4,2024
9am to 9pm

Golden Light Healing Center

7102 Sundew Rd. Sobieski, Wisconsin


Commute or Stay!

Experience this one-of-a-kind journey of discovery on the beautiful and sacred land of Golden Light Healing Center.  Featuring a large retreat studio, dining room, cabins, dark room, and over a 100 acres of woods, populated with an array of wildlife, old growth trees, and sacred land spirits to explore and interact with throughout Patience Hill. 

  • Lunch and dinner included

  • Gift of a blessed, boxed deck of the Light Seers Tarot Deck, by Chris-Anne

  • For overnight stays: Options available for camping or in shared or private cabins

Energy exchange of $396.

Pay $100 now to hold your spot. 

Remaining due by July 1, 2024 

Limited to 12 students. 

No experience necessary

Keep reading for more details...

Tarot for Soul Healing:  2-Day Shamanic Integration Retreat for Learning Tarot

In this intensive, interactive, and connecting workshop, you will spend two full days unlocking your connection to the metaphysical realms and discover how tarot can be used as a tool for inner soul healing.   No experience necessary; avid curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and motivation to grow encouraged.

In this workshop you will learn theory and practice integration through tarot reading. 

Specifically, you will:

  • Create sacred space and invite in divinity for boundaries and shielding

  • Open to becoming a channel for messages, guidance, and intuition

  • Journey to connect with your spirit guides and power animals

  • Create a divination medicine stone

  • Tap into the history and psychology of tarot

  • Understand the archetypes, numerology, major, and minor arcana

  • Manifest your own personal symbology journal

  • Develop a relationship with your cards

  • Learn to tell the story with card spreads

  • Overcome stigma of divination

  • Trust your inner guidance

  • Discern how to share your messages

  • Undergo rites of passage through ancestral lineage connection and sacred blessings

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock and strengthen your own sacred connection and discover the mysteries behind using tarot as a tool for soul healing. 

Please bring:

  • Stone or crystal you feel connected to, especially if it is one that found you during your personal explorations and journeys in life

  • Woven cloth and/or bag for wrapping & storing your tarot kit

  • Journal, minimum 100 pages, and writing utensils

  • Blanket and slippers/socks for in the retreat studio

  • Eye/sleep mask (for journeying)

  • Rattle/shaker

  • Outdoor gear for grounds exploration.

For out-of-towners:  Golden Light Healing Center is a private retreat sanctuary...ask me about options for overnight stays in cabins or for reserving a spot for your tent.

  • Private Cabin: $85 per night

  • Shared Cabin: $35 per night (triple occupancy/3 single cots)

  • Camping (Bring your own Tent): $20 per night

  • Breakfast: optional add-on for $15 per day


Jennie LaVaque, Sacred Space Facilitator

Jennie first opened her channel to higher realms in 1995.   She has been practicing tarot for over 30 years and holds tarot as a powerful tool for healing, growth and connection.  Jennie first became a mesa (Shamanic medicine bundle) carrier in 2021, under the training of Amy Wilinski (Golden Light Healing Center in Sobieski, Wisconsin) and Jose Luis Herrera (Rainbow Jaguar Institute in Peru).  Since her first journey around the medicine wheel, Jennie has continued her education through master level classes in the states and shamanic pilgrimages to Peru.  Jennie is concurrently working on her Master of Science degree in Clinical Medical Health Counseling and anticipates licensing in 2025.  Jennie is currently practicing shamanic Peruvian energy healing through her business, Dreamwalker Shaman, she is the author of The Soul Key, founder of Dreamwalker Magazine, and creator of Solaris Oracles, crystal and stone amulets for soul healing. ​

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