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Dreamwalker Magazine™ 

Real People.  Real Stories.  Real Connections.  

Invite Your Dreams Into Reality. 

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What is Dreamwalker Magazine™? 

  • Dreamwalker Magazine™ Facilitates connections within the Wisconsin spiritual/metaphysical community. 

  • Each monthly edition is delivered via email and inspires you to explore and experience all that Wisconsin (and beyond!) has to offer within the spiritual/metaphysical community. 

  • Every issue is specific to the metaphysical businesses in the Wisconsin area and includes upcoming events and workshops, insight into healing modalities, places to go, things to see, and experiences in healing. 

  • Topics will vary monthly and may include working with crystals, shamanism, Native American traditions, reiki, divination, holistic nutrition, earthing, hypnotherapy, lucid dreaming, pilgrimage retreats, essential oils, manifestation, breathwork, paganism, apothecary, plant medicine, and more! 

  • And the best part…it’s free!


We are all Connected.  We are all One.   

  • Privacy Policy:  Your identity is protected.  Dreamwalker LLC will not sell nor distribute your personal information.

A Message from the Creator
Jennie LaVaque-Solaris

Catalog of Volumes of
Dreamwalker Magazine

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The purpose of Dreamwalker Magazine is to unite the Wisconsin metaphysical community. 

  • ·COMMUNITY EVENTS to see upcoming workshops, and gatherings around Wisconsin (and beyond).

  • Coming in November, a METAPHYSICAL DIRECTORY of local businesses!

  • COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT:  Meet Nicole Terrien of Runic Apothecary!

In this month’s Dream Edition, you will learn:

  • How Dreaming Connects us to Source

  • The Purpose of Sleeping & Dreaming via a Channeled Message from Spirit

  • How to Lucid Dream

  • How to Cure Your Insomnia

  • How to Improve Your Dream Memory

  • Purpose of Dreamcatchers and Where to Find a Local Artist

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Thanks for Reading Dreamwalker Magazine!!


Jennie LaVaque-Solaris 


Founder of Dreamwalker LLC,

Facilitator of Dreamwalker Shaman,™

Creator of Dreamwalker Magazine ™

Message Jennie today with any questions, ideas, or contributions regarding Dreamwalker Magazine!.



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