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September 8, 2021: What is a Shamanic Healing?


Some describe a shamanic healing as reiki with rattles and drums. I supposed this is the easiest way to describe it since so many already have at least a vague familiarity with the art of reiki. It is all about using the energy of the universe to heal. Same soup, different recipes.

For those of you who are timid to try it, yet curious, I’m going to break down what a session might look like. But first, a more detailed look at the MESA…the medicine bag…the key component that differentiates shamanic healing from Reiki.

Across the course of my apprenticeship (and beyond), I will continue to build a medicine bag of healing, called a MESA. The key elements in the mesa are KUYA STONES. These are power stones that are created by the mesa carrier that are energetically connected to the carrier’s teacher’s mesa. The teacher’s mesa is connected to their teachers….and on and on back centuries of shamans to the ancient roots of shamanism. Talk about a web of connection, am I right?

KUYA are essentially heavy energy (HOOCHA) magnets. They are programmed to draw the heavy energy from the energetic bodies and “unclog the pipes” of the energy system. How cool is that?

This is how it works:

In an energy healing, a session begins with discussion of the heavy energy that is carried in your energetic body. Only human beings produce heavy energy. It can be produced in oneself through what are widely considered “negative emotions” evoked through trauma or interactions with other people. When you refuse to experience (and thereby release) these emotions, they are stored in the body as heavy energy. As you talk about why you desire a healing, this heavy energy is brought to the surface. When you feel it bubbling up, the energy is literally blown into the KUYA, effectively PROGRAMMING THE KUYA to RESONATE WITH YOUR HEAVY ENERGY. You are aligning the kuya with your heavy energy so that it can pull it from your energetic body!

Once you are on the table, I will use a pendulum to determine which of your lowest chakras is most effected by the HOOCHA stored within you. I place the kuya on that chakra and open a sacred circle. I am not healing you. I am opening up a circle of healing that draws in the spirits of the lands, mother earth, angels, archangels, the sun, the moon, power animals, ancestors, ascended masters, God/Great Spirit/Creator, and even your higher self to enter the circle to assist with the healing. It is a GROUP EFFORT MADE BY ALL THOSE IN YOUR SOUL GROUP AND BEYOND!

The session then migrates into a meditation where I use pressure points at the back of your neck (CALLED HEAVEN’S GATE) to facilitate your ability to enter a relaxed THETA state during the session. This is the fun part…from there, I will move to using sound bathing (through rattles and drumming) to break up stagnant, crystalized heavy energy) that is “stuck” in your energetic body. While this is happening, you will often see colors, visions, and experience sensations in your body such as tingling, jerking, emotional release, or perhaps you might just fall asleep (it is still working!). I often implement reiki into this segment as well to help move the energy through you.

Throughout the entire session, I am working to break up crystalized heavy energy, and the programmed KUYA that is placed on your chakra is working to draw it out. You programmed it to match your HOOCHA, and it will do its job as the session unfolds.

Once I intuitively feel like the heavy energy is broken up and moving, I will then remove the kuya, blowing the gathered HOOCHA energy back into the universe, then infuse your chakras with SAMI (light energy). Finally, I give all the chakras a good spin to get them vibrating at the right frequencies again. The table session concludes with my closing of the sacred circle and offering gratitude for all those that joined to aid in your healing.

Once the healing is concluded, we then take about 20 minutes again discussing the experience. I will also share any visions or insights I have received myself with you to take away and meditate with after the session is over.


A shamanic healing is amazing to experience in person (especially because of the sound bath therapy embedded within it), but I can also work remotely through video chat. So don’t let distance stop you from getting ahold of me! If you hear the calling, say YES TO THE UNIVERSE!


This is my MESA so far. I have three KUYA for you to choose from during your shamanic energy healing session. You choose the one that calls to you, program it to your HOOCHA, and let it do its work! I also typically store my pendulum in there. I also have a knot from my guardian tree....I asked my tree if I could have it and it gently released itself into my helps keep me connected to the tree and continues to feed on any residual hoocha that is left in my kuya when replaced in my mesa. The bag holds a couple items that were of spiritual importance to my parents. I'm not sure why I was called to include them, but I have a feeling it will become clear during my next shamanic retreat which relates to ancestrial ties. I can't wait to find out.

Love & Light,


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