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Tarot retreat is just 2 months away! Sign up now to save your spotbefore it sells out!

Do you want to learn tarot but think it's too complicated? 2 day in person retreat...

Just 2 months away!

My class uses shamanic journeying techniques to create sacred space and connect with your higher self & guides to learn effortlessly.

Its all about using the symbols and archetypes to tap into the subconscious and superconscious to receive messages and visions. You will also learn how to use the cards to visually narrate the story.

This is a full 2 day retreat with lunch and dinner included on both days at the beautiful Golden Light Healing in Sobieski, Wisconsin.

Live out of town? Golden Light also has rooms for rent.

August 3-4 from 9am to 9pm both days.

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