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September 27, 2021: Alchemy for Healing


This weekend I was unexpectedly gifted with an educational retreat on usage of plant medicine for healing…mind, body and soul. It is the alchemy of Earth medicine. Everything happens for a reason and this was right in alignment with where my spirit path has been leading me. My maternal ancestry lies in Russian heritage and with my mother’s passing two months ago, the family has been bringing up stories of mom’s homespun healing recipes that have been passed along from my Grandmother (who immigrated here in the late 1800s), from her parents and so on. From use of sweet oil for ear infections, raw honey for ingestion of viral and bacteria infections and topical healing of wounds to stinky mushroom potion brewed from fungi found in rural bogs. It is all fascinating and I was beyond excited to learn more. The retreat was taken at Golden Light Healing Center (Sobieski, WI) and taught by Gigi Stafine of Green Wisdom (she has been studying and working in naturopathic medicine for over 25 years).

My biggest a-ha moment was in discovering the medicinal properties that went beyond the physical to encompass the spiritual and emotional. I learned about not only the individual properties of all parts of various plants, but also the magic of combining them to formulate complex potions and oils in how they work together.


My favorite concoction was a Flower Essence created from combining four “mother” flower components. Each ingredient was infused from the flowers of plants through crystal and pure spring water brewed through solar infusion in the morning light. I call it my SOUL PATH FLOWER ESSENCE.

Individual ingredients:

  • Red Begonia: Soul Retrieval: To call back home all of the parts of self that left for any reason to aid the soul with re0integration. For trancework and journeying

  • Mullein: Support when feeling out of synch with society, on edge of fringe. Even when ridiculed. Support for true voice, your life’s calling, then guides when moving along that path.

  • Coleus: Little astral wands. Supports vividness and clarity in dreams. Amplifies dream for spiritual growth and evolution (does not enhance night terrors).

  • Stonecrop-Sedum: When feeling scattered. Clarity. Enhances mind’s eye.

MY PERSONAL SOLAR INFUSION OF THE FOUR, which I call “Soul Path F.E.”: For ascension into Higher Self. Guidance and focus for understanding purpose across lifetimes in order to find true soul purpose. Aids in meditation and dreamwork for journeying, soul retrieval, integration and becoming whole.

Do you see how that works? While each ingredient has its own purpose, by combining them, it creates a new purpose that tells a story through bonding the individual properties. My dreams last night were vivid and powerful, and included several incidences of being part of a group who needed to cross a large obstacle course. We were stepping off large cliffs, but landing on fluffy beds of sponge that bounced us back up to the next ledge. While scary when taking the first steps, it became fun and joyous in undergoing the leap of faith to continue moving forward.

I’m uncertain as to whether I will begin offering concoctions such as these to those seeking healing because of the myriad of legal issues related to dispensing medicines as an apothecary, but as always, I’m happy to share what I learn with any who seek the knowledge!


Potions and lotions from flower essences and essential oils. I also show a few of the books I’ve acquired so far in researching plant properties, uses and combinations for healing. Also shown are a gift of tobacco seeds…another manifestation from spirit…I had mentioned a few weeks ago to an unrelated source that I was interested in growing my own tobacco for use in offerings to Earth and spirit in my healings and ceremonies. Amy of Golden Light was reaping her Fall Harvest and had some to spare. Thanks Amy! 😊 .

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