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September 15, 2021: Shamanic Drumming


Our energy bodies resonate at various frequencies, represented in the chakra system by color (if you look at science, this is the prism of color on the color wheel and each color has a different resonation. The highest vibrating light is in the crown, and the lowest vibrations are in the root. The chakra below the root is the Earth Star chakra at the lowest vibration and is represented by black.

When we repress emotion, our energy slows to low speeds, disrupting the flow of energy through our bodies. The energy, in essence, becomes crystalized. Use of rattles breaks up this heavy energy bringing it to higher resonances.

Once the energy is flowing again, drums are implemented to help bring us into a deeper meditative state. The purpose of meditation is to release ourselves of the “clutter” of thought in our active conscious brains so that we are more open to receiving visions and messages from the spiritual realm. Sound vibrations from the drumming brings our chakras out of chaos and into rhythm.


Over the last week, I journeyed into the underworld and helped retrieve a soul from a dark cave, sending a shadow figure back into the universe and met a bat power animal. I journeyed into the middle world and met an Earth Goddess, chained by the serpent and helping in the release of the cords that allowed her to harness her power, and I journeyed into the upper world to meet in a conference in the clouds to discuss the diverging timelines and observe as they debated on how the ascended masters could provide guidance to humanity. These journeys all occurred during drumming in some of the shamanic healings I was privileged to participate in.


The process of creating a drum is filled with intention and takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete. It typically begins with a drum journey to receive messages about your soul’s intention, then continues to imbue the drum with that intention throughout the creation process.

My first drum was one I created at Golden Light Healing Center. It is made from maple, Elk ties and Buffalo skin. This is a drum of healing and was created to help all who hear its call to set an intention of deep inner healing.

Yesterday I spend the day creating my second drum. This one I created under the master tutelage of Kristina at Hoz’ho Healing Center. It is constructed of maple, Buffalo ties and Bearskin. The intention on this one is courage…to bring up the repressed past and face the shadows of inner self . The intention of this drum is to integrate, love and forgive all parts of the self in living in our current Earthly bodies.


My newly created bearskin drum! I just look the texture and sound….The skin has patterns very reminiscent of finger prints. I can feel the energy radiating from it and I can’t wait for it to fully cure so that I can begin integrating it into the shamanic journeying segments of the healing sessions! I’m so excited to see what comes to surface under the hypnotic beat of its heart!

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