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Sept 14, 2023 Breathe!

What do you do when you think you don't have time for self care?

I'm not gonna lie...I've feeling a little stressed and wearing thin around the edges. When I set goals for myself, I do everything in my power to meet them. Even at the cost of my own peace and well being. "Well that's ironic coming from a spiritual healer?!" I bet you are thinking. {Hangs head in shame} I know.

But I have some super exciting stuff happening and I can't seem to slow down! I'm leaving for Peru at the end of the month for accredited facilitator training (SQUEEE!) and I'm trying desperately to get both my website up and running and the first issue of Dreamwalker Magazine launched before I leave. Am I insane?! I have a photoshoot booked for today and tomorrow I leave for Rhinelander to participate in an autumn equinox water ceremony followed by a woman's inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony. And I've barely scratched the surface in sketching out content for the magazine!

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Focus. Realign.

Slow down.

I once heard a quote that resonated in a big way...when you feel boxed in and up against a wall...knock the FN wall down.

Our reality is what we create. We are all master manifesters and it is within our power to change our reality. If this means shifting our goals to ensure we maintain anyi (right relationship) within ourselves, then this is what we have the power to do.

My intention for this weekend is to stop, breathe, and seek counsel with spirit in guiding me to set realistic goals and expectations. I anticipate seeking solace with the spirit of the land and waters and sitting within the sacred space of fire and dragon spirit with my soul sisters in sacred ceremony. When all else fails, your connection with others, the Earth, and Great Spirit will always be there.

We are all connected.

We are all one.

Now breathe.

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