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October 4, 2021: Disappointment & New Beginnings


For every disappointment we are brought new and unexpected opportunities. Last week, I was brought the heartbreaking news that the Altomeseyok journey in Peru was cancelled due to Covid restrictions. At first, I was deeply disappointed as it was going to be the highlight of my journey of the next year. At first, I was overwhelmed by sadness, but as I breathed through it, a message came to me reminding me that the future is non-existent. It was a reminder to slow down and fully appreciate the NOW. To be mindful. To follow the path no matter where I am in any given moment in time because there is always something new and beautiful to be brought into the present. While that trip may not be happening, it opened up the doors of potential for new and varied opportunities. And while my destination may not be Peru, I know my journey will still bring me closer to spirit regardless of where it leads.

I still have three more shamanic retreats to attend to experience the West, North and East directions, and I’ve just began looking into experiencing a trip to Costa Rica instead through Hoh’zo Healing Center to learn and progress abilities in mediumship. The trip costs significantly less but would piggy back on several other mediumship training retreats to take me on this new and parallel journey of discovery.

During several of my healings, I’ve encountered those suffering from grief from unresolved traumas experienced with those that have passed. I’ve also encountered those “haunted” by dark entities which evoke fear in living among those in this world. Synchronizing with this, my next book in The Soul Key is planned to focus on the chakras above the crown, one of which deals with the realm on top of this one…the world of unrested souls, as well as with communication with beings of higher and lower dimensions, angels and demons. In having all these “reminders” brought into consciousness, I realized that the cancelled trip to Peru has happened for a reason…there are other healing opportunities that I’m meant to help out with…and I needed to take my learning path in a new direction.

My disappointment was transformed into excitement. I can’t wait to further my abilities in learning to be a conduit of healing for those in other realms in order to help those that are in this one in need of understanding and resolution. I accept.


As you may have already read, one of my power animals are a pair of horses that represent the two aspects of self, Sami (the light side) and Hoocha (the shadow self). When merged together, they become one, FREEDOM. Recently my sister acquired two new horses, one in which was a white horse with black spots. I bonded with it and went riding with her a few times these past couple of weeks.

During my last visit, she mentioned that she went on an annual trip each year to Caroline, WI for a horseback camping trip, but she was disappointed to learn she might not go because the person who was meant to go with could no longer make it. So I went in her stead! Another disappointment turned into unexpected excitement! While I am so sore today I can barely lift my limbs, I still rejoice in the FREEDOM experienced in that trip. Over rolling hills and through beautiful meadows, the changing leaves of the new season surrounded us. I breathed in the fresh country air and felt the rain as it fell on my face. We celebrated each day with fire at our camp and breathed in the aroma of the Earth under our feet. We rejoiced in the elements regardless of what they were and fully appreciated the moments in freedom, bonding in trust with our animal companions as we roamed in nature. A rainbow lit the sky one of the afternoons, reminding us both of the beauty of new beginnings.


There were many fantastic scenes that captured moments in time across the weekend, but the double rainbow is probably most symbolic of all its aspects. It is a symbol of hope that appears in the aftermath of storms and highlights the beauty that is all around us, just waiting to poke through to celebrate another day.

In the photo is my sister Janice and her two horses, Turk (the black and white) and Riley (the black). The background shows the changing of the seasons in all its glorious color, on the brink of shedding its skin and rest in hibernation…in the never-ending ebb and flow of life.

Also shown are a few more photos from the trip…the gorgeous landscape, both horses, me and Riley, my sister Jan, and our view from the tent waking up one morning to see Riley checking up on us to see if we were awake yet. Such a fantastic weekend. Thank you Universe for turning our disappointment into an absolutely incredible experience in time here on Earth. It was a beautiful weekend in bonding with the Earth and its creatures, with Spirit and with each other.

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