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January 14, 2022: Importance of Self-Care

I cannot believe two months has passed since my last update! The holidays always create additional challenges to work around and can cause even the most energetic to experience social overload. And I am no exception. Since speaking to you last, I have now not only completed the West direction retreat but the North direction as well! In between these last two directions was Thanksgiving and Yule/Christmas. And in between that, I fell victim to COVID. In order to be a clear conduit of healing for others, it is important to establish personal boundaries for oneself, to allow time and space for one’s own self healing. Prior to the holidays, I was so focused on helping others, that I was neglecting myself. I was bone tired, my immunity fell, and COVID got me. It was spirit’s way of forcing me to take time to rest and self nurture. And I did. I was grateful for the reminder that I am as important as everyone else. Spirit is within us all. Remember to take time for yourself, because if you don’t, spirit will make sure you do, for you.

Self care also includes following the call from within to pursue healing. So often I hear from people that they would like to have a shamanic healing, but that they just don’t have the time to do it. These sessions can be very expensive, and I am offering all the opportunity to indulge in their own self-care for free! If you hear spirit pushing you from within to experience one, please do reach out. My deal with the universe to offer these free of charge currently ends in July—one year from the beginning of my learning journey. 😊


I am now able to offer and integrate the following techniques into my shamanic healing sessions and I’m looking for more volunteers to help me practice and hone them when applicable:

· Healing of generational relationship programmed behaviors

· Soul retrieval

· Soul Contracts

· Power animal retrieval

· Crystalized energy removal

· Egg/rebirth cleaning ritual


In the West Direction, we learned to walk through the shadows without fear, facing the darker parts of our selves with an eye toward understanding the gifts that our experiences brought to us. This ties, also, to our generational relationships and understanding the beliefs and values that are programmed into us from our parents, and from their parents to them. From this, we learned a technique that aids in removing these generational shadow ties and allows us to integrate the gifts resulting from the traumas of past generations into our current selves. Generational relationships can also contribute to additive behaviors that are passed through family lineage. By stepping into the shoes of my grandfather, I was personally able to see how nicotine addiction was introduced into our lineage and was able to finally quit smoking/vaping myself. We learned how to track energy blockages on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and how to remove crystalized energy resulting from traumas across these levels.


In the North Direction, hummingbird brings us the gift of appreciation for the sweetness of life, and buffalo for the abundance that is available to us. In this direction, we learned how to dream journey with the intention of finding and reuniting with the parts of ourselves that fracture during trauma. Soul fracture can occur in this lifetime, but may even have originating from wounds in past lives, so in this direction, we learned how to find the original source of wounding. Within the shamanic journey, we visit the original source of the wound to witness the trauma, we are able to determine if soul contracts are present in relationship to the trauma and aid in establishing new and wanted contracts in their place. In healing the original wound and replacing fulfilled soul contracts with new ones, we are able to encourage soul retrieval by inviting the soul back into a safe and healthy vessel for moving forward. During this journey, we often retrieve soul gifts and/or power animals for our clients to remind them of the true purpose for the original experiences and to provide strength and guidance to continue moving forward from the standpoint of healing in their soul evolution.

In addition to the above, we also learned a beautiful egg/rebirth cleansing healing ritual filled with love and blessings. If you are in need of some deep, nourishing love energy, this is the one for you. I do require those interested in this one to bring flowers for the blessing aspect of the ceremony. Let me know if you are interested in this one and I will explain more.


The photo features the Four of Swords from the Light Seers Tarot deck by Chris Anne. I choose this as the featured photo because it is so symbolic of the need for remembering to take time to care of yourself. The word “selfish” has some negative connotations in Western culture, but the reality is that we need to be self-ish in order to administer self care onto ourselves. We cannot hope to help others if we are neglecting our own needs. In order to be channels for spirit, we need to be empty vessels, and this is only possible to achieve through remembering to focus on our own self care. Self care also includes following the call from within to pursue healing from others.

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