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August 18, 2021 The Journey Begins

It's hard to believe that almost two years has passed since crisis hit my family. I was a single mom, raising a teenage son in a suburban community in Wisconsin. My focus was in maintaining a successful, long-term career in market research; 80-hour work weeks were the norm. I was exhausted-mind, body and soul-but knowing that my son would have all that I never did kept me going. I was deeply unhappy, but that was okay, because I knew we were materially prosperous and "well off" based on the measuring stick of society.

Except really, it wasn't okay. We weren't okay.

How could I have known the deep impact my unconscious absence would have on my son? How could I have known how deeply sad he really was. He has always mirrored by state of mind, so how couldn't I have known? I should have known. The events that followed are part of our story, but I would very much like to assure you that we did both get through it. Since then, I resigned from my career in market research. Over the past two years, I learned that meaningful time is worth so much more than anything money could ever buy. I learned to be mindful of the moments that passed. I learned the importance of never passing an opportunity to bond and share time with those we love. I learned the hard way.

Twenty-five years ago, I experienced a spiritual awakening, and I thought I had life all figured out. I felt whole and balanced and experienced the deep penetrating love of connection with everything and everyone around me. I was gifted with a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom that changed my entire perspective of how the world functioned. But life got in the way. The need for romantic love and monetary success got in the way. And I forgot.

The meaning of life is lost when we forget. Tragedy strikes when we forget. We forget because of lack of connection. Dis-connection from each other, with the world around us, and with our Self. Spirit was screaming out to me to stop! Listen! Change! But I refused to listen. It was only in crises that I finally began to hear again. When I finally learned to Connect once again.

I haven't worked in market research for almost two years now, and it is definitely making a financial impact on us. The road has not been easy, but that being said, life is so much more full now. Life has meaning. And both myself and my son are oh so much happier as a result. I have heard spirit call and I am listening. I am actively working to help bring this wisdom into the world around me.

Across the past two years, my intuitive abilities have continued to bloom and strengthen. I now sell intuitively wrapped healing stone amulets to help those Connect to the Earth energies that spirit freely offers us. I have established an ongoing relationship with both feminine and masculine aspects of my Higher Self, Solaris and Kiederan, and bring their messages to the souls of those in need of the insight these messages bring. I offer card readings and spiritual counseling for those in search of higher insight. I learned and achieved master certification in the art of both Reiki and Crystal Reiki energy healing techniques. I have even written a book, titled The Soul Key, divinely inspired by my own life journey, to reinforce the importance of understanding and practicing soul energy work in everyday life. Spirit demanded that I live life differently, and I finally listened. And life is so much richer as a result. I understand.

My purpose in life is to use my experience, knowledge and learning to help others understand and navigate the rocky path that life sometimes puts in front of us. My goal is to bring insight and understanding of this intricate living energy system that exists all around us and connects everything and everyone together. Regardless of your religion or deep seated beliefs, the one Truth that supersedes it all is that there is a force much greater than all of us as individuals, and that force Connects us all.

In Eastern medicine, the living energy system is called Ki. Their culture has practiced energetic healing, through reiki, acupuncture and other modalities, for thousands of years. Sanskrit uses the word "Prana." It is called Nephesch in Ebreo, Esma in Catalan, pneuma in Greek, mana in Polynesian, and ruah in Hebrew, which means “the breath of life.” The Peruvians call it "Kawsay Pacha." This living energy exists in all things, across all cultures, and is the life force of our creation. Whatever name you give to it, it is still the same. God/Creator/Source/Great Spirit/One that Cannot Be Named...this force lives within all of us, all things around us, seen and unseen, and is the fabric of our existence. My calling pushes me to help all of you Connect and understand this energy. It is all part of the Awakening... it is the next stage in the evolution of souls and that of humanity.

The Shamanic Calling

About 6 months ago, I began to experience vivid and lucid dreams. In these, I was surrounded by indigenous people dressed in brightly color hand woven clothing, surrounding me in different situations and circumstances. I've had dreams of eagles swooping in, bears, buffalo, and snakes. I've received messages that referenced the Four Winds. And one in particular that stood out above all the rest were simply the words "DREAM WALKER."

These dreams let me, through synchronicity, to research the terms which brought me along a series of events that spoke of the roots of shamanism and all it stood for. My research spoke to me. It spoke to my soul. It also brought me to begin a year long pilgrimage of energetic soul work and training under the tutelage of Amy Wilinski of Golden Light Healing in Sobieski, WI.

So far, I've completed my first step of five in this year long journey, learning about the Winds of the West...the way of the serpent. I traveled to the middle world and the underworld. I released the story and trauma of some deeply buried issues. I developed understanding of why and how they were there. I learned how our life experiences reside within our energy fields in the form of heavy energy, or hoocha. I created, through intense healing work, 3 kuya to add to my medicine bag, or mesa. I filled the voids the release created with light energy, called Sami. And most important, I began the process of learning how I could be a conduit of healing and understanding of this living energy system for others.

I strongly believe in the value and interconnectivity of ALL energy work, but this system spoke to me. I understood. I connected. I'm driven to not only continue learning and healing for my own benefit, but also to aid in the evolution of souls among all those around me. After all, we are all connected, and the more that are filled with the bright white love light energy of spirit, the stronger we will all be.

Manifestation is the practice of welcoming in living energy and allowing Spirit/Creator to bring to you that which is for the greater good of all. It has always been difficult for me to accept blessings from others..."charity" (in receipt of) was always treated almost as a curse word in our home growing up. We were proud in our insistence that we could always provide for ourselves. That was part of my story.

The Truth is that the Universe provides for us to reinforce the strength of our belief that this energy of connection with living energy is real. It is all about the INTENTION of that which we wish to manifest. My INTENTION is to give back all that is received.

In setting up this campaign, my STORY resisted. But my INTENTION is not only to help myself through experience and education, but to bring the knowledge and experience gained back to the world around me. As I am undergoing my training over the course of the next year, I will continue to offer shamanic healings, card readings and spiritual counseling to all that are in search of answers. I will ask for no set amount, and instead depend upon spirit to provide for my training and practice for those who hear the call and desire to support my cause. The Universe loves deals, and that is the vow I have made. To pass along all that I learn along the way.

Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Program

The program I am following meets four times over the course of a year. As I mentioned, I have already completed the first retreat in July 2021 (The Winds of the South). I have already been giving back to Spirit with this gift by offering what I have learned through weekly fires, and providing Shamanic energy healings to all and any that feel its call.

The program is a regiment of intensive training in shamanism and energy medicine that includes lectures, hands-on practice, experiential exercises and rites of passage. It uses the Medicine Wheel and the four directions of the Universe as a guide for life's journey. It provides growth, healing and transformation at a deep and personal level.

Across the course of the next year, I will continue to add to the repertoire of services I can offer with the following:

  • Soul retrieval

  • Power animal retrieval

  • Past life healing

  • Dying consciously

  • Shamanic journeying

  • Ceremony & ritual

  • Ancestral healing

  • Divination

  • Psychic development

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