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April 28, 2022: Medicine Wheel Completion

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has backed and supported me on my journey this past year! I have graduated from my shamanic apprenticeship and completed my first journey around the medicine wheel. I am so grateful for the love and light sent my way in moving us toward the next stage of human consciousness.


I am not a shaman, but rather, practice shamanic energy healing. In order to provide healing for those around me, I needed to undergo my own journey of clarity and understanding to provide a clear channel of light for others to rise in consciousness. In our shamanic energy healing sessions, we speak to the winds and the archetypes of the directions to help others travel the medicine wheel on their own respective journeys.

  • The winds of the south-Serpent archetype: Releasing all that no longer serves us; teaching to walk on the belly of Pachamama in the beauty way

  • The winds of the west-bear and jaguar archetypes: Walking through the shadows without fear; learning to love oneself holistically

  • The winds of the north-hummingbird and buffalo archetypes: Tapping into the wisdom of our ancestors; communicating with discernment; living mindfully and gratefully for the abundance that is provided to us every single day

  • The winds of the east-condor and eagle archetypes: Rising above our earthly mire to see life and our experiences from the higher perspective; understanding how our life lessons contribute to our growth and the evolution of souls.


I am now booking sessions into May. Sessions last 90 minutes and include spiritual counseling. I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.

  • $88 for a 90 minute shamanic energy healing

  • $111 for a 2 hour session package that also includes a card reading

Each session is customized to speak to your specific needs based on our discussion and messages provided to me from spirit. Following are some of the techniques that might be employed during your session with me:

· Card reading

· Crystal gridding

· Crystalized energy removal

· Entity removal

· Cord cutting

· Reiki channeling integration

· Luminous energy field clearing

· Chakra clearing and rebalancing

· Weaving of energy leakages

· Life review ceremony

· Soul retrieval

· Healing of generational relationship programmed behaviors

· Soul Contract breaking and rewriting

· Power animal retrieval

· Soul gifts

· Crystalized energy removal

· Egg/rebirth/blessing ceremony


A shamanic healing is amazing to experience in person (especially because of the sound bath therapy embedded within it), but I can also work remotely through video chat. So don’t let distance stop you from getting ahold of me! If you hear the calling, say YES TO THE UNIVERSE!


· Tracking and divination with Jose Luis Herrera, master shaman of Peru, September 2022

· Guiding them home with Amy Wilinski, master shaman of Golden Light, October 2022


The photo features my medicine bundle, also called a mesa. The rocks are stones of power, called Quoyas. These are empowered through my own healing journey and are linked into the Universal energy grid which ties the power of the stones through the shamanic lineage and to the places of power throughout the world. These are used throughout my neo-shamanic energy healings to draw heavy energy from my clients and convert them into the light energy that feeds back into Pachamama, mother earth, and the great web of life that connects us all.

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