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The Soul Key: You Are Not Crazy. You Are Not Alone.: A guidebook for understanding the Awakening Process. A map for navigating your relationships and emotions as it happens.


Do you talk to your Spirit Guides and Angels? Do you hear their answers? Everyone has the power to channel messages. The Soul Key teaches you how. Learn how to channel messages from the spirit realm AND discover many of the answers you have been searching for...across all your lives.

That day was the same as any other. I went to the gym, I went to work, made myself dinner, read, journaled, then settled down into bed. But my mind wouldn’t shut off.
I grew up learning prayers and reciting them each night before bed. Most were the standard memorizations, some were to request help, either for myself or for others. Some were to simply to express my gratitude. Leading up to my complete and total breakdown, my most prevalent prayer had always been the single, forlorn, cry of pain, “Why?”
These prayers were always targeted at the sky. The other place. That place that our eyes cannot see and that our parents tell us is “somewhere else.” Up there. In heaven. All around us. Omniscient. Everywhere, but nowhere. I realized as I lay there thinking, suddenly, that really, I never expected answers. In my acts of prayer, I was pushing thoughts out into the Universe in a general, scattered, organic, impressionistic manner, without expectation of ever receiving a response. It occurred to me in that moment that perhaps this time, I should do this differently. This time, I wanted answers.
As I laid there in bed, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and began my nightly relaxation ritual. It was an exercise in focusing on all the parts of my body, feeling the muscles through tension and then release. I would start at the top of my head, moving to my shoulders, down my arms and back up again to my upper back. From there, I would continue downward, to my stomach, then through my pelvis to my thighs, my calves, my ankles and finally the tips of my toes. Typically, this procedure would produce a state of deep relaxation. It would still my mind, allow my body to unwind, and eventually, I would drift off to sleep. As I methodologically went through this exercise, my mind’s eye would follow my body, drawing energy to create the correlating motion. This time, I thought, why not send the energy back up again? Why does it need to stop? What would happen if I allowed the energy to cycle through my body, then join once again with the Universe?
I pictured a current running through me and began the process. As the energy pulled down through my crown into head, my skin began to tingle. I felt warm, but instead of heavy, I felt lighter. Colors broke across my closed eyelids in a rainbow kaleidoscope of light. Then, the light energy spread downward, so fast, faster than it ever had before. It circled and hummed, and I felt the waves coursing through me, raising the hairs across my flesh in goosebumps. It was effortless and instantaneously, and my entire being vibrated and hummed. I was overwhelmed with emotion, a tidal wave of joy. Complete and utter happiness. I felt…Connected. I knew I was not alone.
“Hello?” I thought. Instantly, without even a split-second hesitation, a response.
A simple “hello” back. I paused, for a second. Holding my breath. Waiting. Goosebumps rose across my flesh.
“God? Is that you?”
“Yes.” I was overwhelmed with a sense of rightness. It was right, and it was true. It was God. Wonder, astonishment, and love flooded through me. Even then, I hesitated. My brain raced, trying to understand what was happening. I could not deny the energy that I felt coursing through me. Nor could I explain the overwhelming love and joy that was emanating through every part of my being. Was this really happening? Was it truly real? I wondered if my reality had finally shattered, and I was going insane.

The Soul Key: You are Not Crazy. You are Not Alone.

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