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Shamanic Healing Session

Transformative Spiritual Deep Energy Healing

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 111 US dollars
  • Green Bay, WI

Service Description

90-120 minutes What is a Shamanic Healing? Peruvian Shamanism uses the tools of the medicine wheel imbued with the power of the kuyas in her medicine bundle to bring you on a deeply transformative journey for clearing and healing deep, residual trauma within your luminous and physical energy field. The session begins with a brief spiritual counseling session in which you will choose a kuya (stone of power) and program it with the heavy energies you would like cleared. Jennie then opens sacred space by calling in spiritual teams (archetypes of the four directions, Pachamama, and the heavens, inclusive of angels, apus, spirit guides, power animals, divine feminine/masculine, ascended masters, guardians, and Source energy) and constructive a powerful assembly of “helpers” to assist in the healing process. Energy is broken up and moved out of the body with the use of plant medicines such as sage, palo santo, sweet grass, and sound vibration energy through shakers, drums and other tools gathered in her healing space. The programmed kuya is placed on a chakra to continue to attract and draw out heavy energy as she works. Jennie will enter a trance-like state and dreamwalk through shamanic journeying to enter the other realms to track and locate the source of heaviness, then work with her spiritual team to draw out and remove these “stuck” energies. She consults with her spiritual team to receive knowledge and vision downloads tied to their anchoring powers, then gently and lovingly removes the attachments. Techniques employed may include power animal retrieval, cord cutting, ancestral wound healing, past life regression, crystalized energy dissolution, soul contract breaking, or in some cases, even removal of entity attachments. Once the energy is flowing through the luminous energy field, Jennie continues working to fully clear the chakra system, balancing the energies, then imbuing you with powerful light energy and sacred blessings to bring your field into full alignment. The session closes with removal and clearing of the kuya of heavy energies gathered and a closing of the sacred space, thanking all the helpers for their assistance in the process. Once you are securely anchored back in “normal” reality, Jennie will debrief you with visions received and walk you through the integration and detox process that will occur after you leave the session.

Contact Details

  • Dreamwalker Shaman, 2509 Haven Road, Green Bay, WI, USA


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