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September 19, 2021: The Purpose of Spirit Animals


Have you met any of your Spirit Animals yet? Shamanic journeying is a powerful modality for traveling to other realms in non-ordinary reality, and in these realms your spirit animals may come to you with messages or symbolism to represent where you are in your journey and provide you with an anchor in bringing you the wisdom and knowledge you need to learn and grow, but also to highlight areas of your growth that are in need of greater development.

They come to support your earthly existence from their own higher perspective. They live in a state of compassion for all living things and unconditional love. They work in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth, helping her to thrive, breathe and ascend. They demonstrate a willingness to offer their powers to all who choose to work with them.

You do not choose your Power Animals. They choose you. To partner with them and embody their energy, you must first be aware of them, then form a relationship with them. You become aware of your Power Animal during meditation or journey to the spirit world, or introduced by a shaman. Sometimes they make themselves known in the physical world around us. Once you are aware, your awareness grows and you begin to see them around you on a regular basis to continue to aid you in your life journey.

Shamans take intentional journeys to meet with Power Animals and spiritual teachers. The information is downloaded into understanding. This information is shared with others for the purpose of enlightenment. Spirit animals are more evolved than humans and come from an advanced spiritual dimension. Their purpose is to serve humanity and help you to raise your level of consciousness. *


Much of the information quoted in this update is from my favorite resource for looking up the meanings of spirit animals is called “The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals.: by Lori Morrison. You can find it on Amazon here:


During my training back in August (The South Wind), Amy Wilinski of Golden Light Healing Center brought us on personal journeys into the Lower World to meet our power animals. In this journey, I had two horses appear to me…one all white, and one all black. Both had vivid turquoise-colored eyes. They seemed familiar to me and upon reviewing some of my dream journals, I discovered that they had visited me before then. As my journey unfolded, the two merged into one…a being of united energy…the heavy and the light and its name was FREEDOM. I knew intuitively that when separated, they represented the two sides of self…the shadow and the light. They brought a message of healing to release the heavy energy to unite and accept both sides of myself in healing. To achieve freedom through the merging of all dimensions of my human existence. In retrospect, I have learned their individual names to be Hoocha (the black horse) and Sami (the white horse) in honor of the energy bodies that we carry within ourselves.

While I have not yet learned how to bring others on shamanic journeys to meet their power animals, many of my shamanic energy healing sessions have revealed power animals in those journeying. I have met bats, ravens, Siberian tigers, and buffalo among others. The meanings of these spirits coincided perfectly and in harmony with the journeyer’s point in their soul evolution and provided meaningful clues in continuing to move forward toward their enlightenment. I’m super excited to continue learning and growing in my shamanic apprenticeship so that I can began offering journeying with the intent to bring awareness to your own personal power animals. It is truly an amazing feeling to know that we have a being a power at our sides to help us walk along on this journey we call life.


My shamanic rattle that I finished just last night! During shamanic healing sessions, we use rattles to break up the heavy (HOOCHA) energy that resides in the energy body so that we can release it and feed it back into the universe. We live in synergy with the natural world around us. Much like how we release carbon dioxide and the natural world converts it back into oxygen for us to live and breathe, we are also able to release Hoocha and feed it into the natural world around us. The natural world feeds on and digests our hoocha and converts it into the light energy (Sami) that continues to strengthen our energic bodies and connect us to each other and the great web of life that connects us all.

My rattle features a painting depicting the symbiotic relationship of duality between heavy and light, and shows SAMI (my white horse) and HOOCHA (my black horse) merging and working together to define each other. My rattle is filled with dried corn, which my spirit animals love….my kuya were literally buried in a corn field when they were being transformed into my power stones and my horses asked to be honored/remembered with offerings of corn. I used a handle of drift wood found on the shores of the Olympic peninsula. The head of the rattle is constructed of cow rawhide and I used feathers, rabbit fur, leather ties, turquoise and sterling silver for accents. This is the rattle I will continue to use to bring in my Spirit Animal horses to unite and create FREEDOM in my shamanic healings.

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