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October 24, 2021: Trust the Truth Within

This week I was blessed to be invited to a gathering of like-minds in Minneapolis by my sister Sandra Vandenberg! Almost 10 years ago she was inspired along with two of her friends to launch an intuitive women’s group to provide a safe space for women to gather and talk about all things spiritual. The group has grown to double digits since then, and let me tell you, the power of those women is just incredible!

Every month, the group gathers at different houses for food and avid discussion and one member invites a guest speaker to share new and interesting perspectives and modalities in the realm of spirituality. Topics range from paranormal investigation, herbal remedies, mediumship, channeling, reiki, energy healing, and the gamut. My sister asked me to come to talk about many of the topics discussed in my book, The Soul Key, (channeling, awakening process, chakra system, energy of relationships and bringing spirituality into everyday living).

Despite pondering what my presentation should focus on for weeks ahead of time, I struggled with how to narrow the broad spectrum of information that I felt was important. But once I was up there, the words began to flow. And it all began with, ‘do not believe anything I say.”


For me, the key differentiating factor between religion and spirituality is that with religion, you rely on others to tell you what to believe. With spirituality, you open your perspective to take in all the information that is around you, but ultimately, you turn within to “hear the voice of God.” You walk away with the Truths that resonate via your internal “truth barometer” and simply store away the rest. We are all building a picture of a greater truth, and in order for that truth to make sense, it needs to align with the truth that you Know within your being is wisdom from a greater power. Sometimes those truths don’t quite make sense (like hearing the words in Spanish before you’ve actually learned how to speak Spanish), and sometimes the words are communicated in a way that makes sense to the speaker, but have not yet been translated in your own mind. But regardless of how the message is delivered, it is always necessary to turn inward to ensure that the messages are your OWN Truth. That is spirituality.


As human beings, we all seek validation in our thought processes and beliefs. This is where surrounding yourself with those of like-mind really comes to the foreground. There is something deeply satisfying about knowing the wisdom you carry is Truth internally, and communing with others that have received the same messages and came to the same conclusions as you have. It is even more deeply satisfying when you are able to tell others about your Truths, and it resonates as Truth with them as well. (And reciprocally hearing new Truths that resonate within you!) Gathering with those of like mind provides an opportunity for exposure to other people’s Truths to build on your own bigger picture, and you to theirs. Everyone is a teacher. By recognizing the connections between one another, we are able to come together and see how to connect the dots into the greater whole. We ARE all connected. We ARE all one.


The photo depicts me (in the middle) with my sister Sandra (on the left) who hosted the gathering, and my sister Linda (on the right) who traveled with me to Minneapolis. Sandra not only opened her home to us (which is entirely furnished with colonial period antiques…so incredibly immersed in the power of the past ancestry) but also presented us with the opportunity to meet, socialize and discuss all of the incredible insights belonging to all the incredible and powerful women that attended the meeting. She also extended my invitation to all the members of her group to participate in free shamanic healings and card readings while I was there AND took on the time-intensive job of getting everyone scheduled for me. SO AMAZING! Huge gratitude to Sandra and her amazing heart for her generosity and love energy that never ceases to amaze me in her quest to bring people of like-mind together.

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