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October 14, 2021: Creating Sacred Space

Never underestimate the importance of creating a sacred space for yourself when doing any type of healing work…on others or yourself…including even in meditation or when going to sleep at night (we journey when we dream). There is all types of energy out in there in the universe, and when we are on a journey of healing, we want to ensure that we are in a space of the highest healing vibration. By inviting in others of high vibration…your higher self, your soul group, your guardians, the ascended masters, etc…you are not only doing the work yourself, you are surrounding yourself with a multitude of beings of high light to help you in your process. So remember to open up your bubble of light energy around yourself on your journeys, and then, when done, close it by giving gratitude to all those who have helped on your journey. The positive energy vibrations are undeniable.


During my healing sessions (and even in my own personal spaces where I am seeking healing) I create a bubble around the space by calling out to the 4 directions, to Mother Earth and to the heavens, giving them offerings in gratitude as I go. The process can be as simple or as elaborate as you feel calls to you. When I’m indoors, I like to offer Florida water on my breath. When outdoors, I offer tobacco. Other suggestions might include sweet wine, sage, blossoms you may have gathered and dried, or anything of the like. It is all about the intent. I make these offerings with prayers calling in spirits of light with that which I request they bring to aid in my journey. Following is an example of what I might say in these prayers (but remember, it is all about you and your intentions in setting your sacred space). A nice touch is using a rattle or bells to call in your sacred help.

  • (Facing South—to release) I call upon the winds of the south, great serpent, sachmama. Come come into our sacred circle and wrap your coils of light around us. Help us to release that which does not serve us nor the higher good like you shed your skin.(offering)

  • (Facing West—for courage in shadow work) I call upon the winds of the west, great bear, jaguar. Come come into our sacred circle and bring us your courage to face the shadows without fear. Help us to see and accept all parts of ourself in the wholistic creatures that we are. (offering)

  • (Facing North—for ancestral healing and knowledge) I call upon the winds of the north, great buffalo, hummingbird. Grandfathers, grandmothers, ancestors that have come before and those yet to come. Come into our sacred circle and warm your hands by our fire. Bring us your wisdom, your knowledge, and the discernment of how to use it in life. (offering)

  • (Facing East---for higher perspective) I call upon the winds of the east, great eagle, condor. Come come into our sacred circle and allow us to ride on your back into the heavens. Teach us to see the details of life from the eagle’s view (offering)

  • (Crouching on the ground---earth healing) Pachamama, mother earth, come come into our sacred circle. Come and draw out the heavy energy..our hucha..draw it into your womb and into your heart. Digest and convert it into the sacred light sami energy that feeds the great web of life, connecting us to you, to each other and the heavens above.

  • (Reaching to the sky—divine healing) To the heavens above, grandfather sun, mother moon, to the angels, archangels, spirit guides, power animals. To the divine feminine, divine masculine, the ascended masters. To our higher selves, our soul group. To the spirits of the lands upon which we were born. Come into our sacred circle and bring us your guidance, your love to help us evolve and progress on this soul evolution journey we call life.


Once the healing is complete, speak out to the four directions once again, the earth and the heavens, giving gratitude for the healing and messages they have brought.


The video shows my newly created permanent sacred space. It can be a corner of a room, an altar, a room or an entire building. How you decorate it is up to you, but I included many of the things that were and are important to me on my spiritual path. I welcome you to enjoy it with me. I invite you to experience healing and high vibrations in my sacred space. 😊

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