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Dreamwalker Shaman

 Invite Your Dreams into Reality

Healing education and practice that merges science and spirituality.

Invite the extraordinary into everyday life

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Connecting to Spirit

Jennie LaVaque-Solaris originally awakened to her connection with spirit over 25 years ago..  She uses her gifts to open as a channel for healing to others in both shamanic practices and card readings.  

Her services are available both in-person and through virtual connection.  


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My name is Jennie LaVaque-Solaris

Jennie Lavaque-Solaris is a mesa (medicine bundle) carrier who has been consistently training in Peruvian Shamanism since 2021 under her mentors, Amy Wilinski of Golden Light Healing (Sobieski, WI) and Jose Luis Herrera of Rainbow Jaguar Institute (Sacred Valley, Peru).  She has traveled the medicine wheel repetitively in her own healing journey, frequently supplements her training with master level classes, and has made pilgrimages to sacred sites in Peru.  Jennie is also a student of the Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Grand Canyon University.

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What is a dreamwalker?

A shamanic perspective.

Dream walking bridges the gap between dream-state and waking reality. During a shamanic healing, practitioners will use tools such as breathwork, pressure points and sound (drums and rattles) to bring both themselves and their subjects into a theta state. Theta state relaxes the “monkey brain,” allowing the heavy energies (often perceived as negative emotions) to move through the physical body and release. It is in that in-between space that we can surrender and open to healing energy.

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Amanda Roethel

“Jennie is beyond gifted and offers a beautiful, safe space. I have experienced a shamanic healing with Jennie, a card reading, her jewelry (which is very unique and powerful) and counseling guidance. She is gifted by her intuition and helped me find answers within myself. She helped me gain insight inside and outside of myself. I am forever grateful for her assistance in my awakening and helping me with releasing layers for my own healing. I will continue to go to her for my mind, body and spiritual needs."
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